Nastavitve piškotkov

Official Golf Club Cleaner

Friendly to the player, to golf clubs and to the environment.

Victories and defeats are an integral part of every golf game.
It doesn't matter who the winner or the loser is. At the end of each game, everyone has to take care of their golf clubs.

The attitude towards the clubs will be already reflected in your next game.

Who likes to clean their clubs manually? Let's admit it, most of us don't!

More and more players expect golf courses to offer them a clean and ecologically friendly cleaning method that will be friendly to the clubs as well.

Therefore, we have developed an indispensable device – the GT-1 Golf Club Cleaner.


This is a device that eases your bad mood after a defeat and puts an even wider smile on the face of the winner.

The GT-1 is a fun and simple way to clean your clubs to perfection in a few seconds, keeping your clothes clean.


We introduce a fully self-serviced device and a 1-year warranty

We introduce a fully self-serviced device.

As the owner of the device you will get access to online material that accurately describes simple steps how to maintain the unit. The materials used are robust, most of them are indestructible. A vital part is a special heavy duty industrial grade brush with professional bristles which will wear out not earlier than in two years of regular use, but it can withstand the for many more years to come.

Our device has got a 1-year warranty.

Cleaning golf clubs with GT-1 has already become a standard across all Europe

Some of our References:

GC Neumagenheim - Germany
GC Adendorf  -  Germany
GC Isarwinkel Bad Tölz - Germany
GC Bayerwald - Germany
GC Egmating - Germany 
GC Bayerwald - Germany 
GC Marhördt - Germany 
GC Schwanhof - Germany 
GC Gifhorn - Germany      
GC Schmidmühlen - Germany 
GC Green Hill München - Germany 
GC Schmidmühlen - Germany 
Golf-Club Peine-Edemissen e.V - Germany 
Schöndorfer GmbH & Co. Grundstücks KG - Germany
GC Murstätten - Austria 
Salzburg - Austria
GC Föhrenwald - Austria 
GC Schonenberg - Switzerland
TALE,  a.s. - Slovakia
Black a White, a.s. - Slovakia
ITTEC s.r.o. - Slovakia
Royal Balaton Golf & Yacht Zrt - Hungary
Portsmouth Hants - UK