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The GT-1 Golf Club Cleaner has a modern design and it is robust at the same time, as it is designed for cleaning metal clubs. It consists of the highest quality environmentally friendly materials and stainless steel. 

It is 90 % biodegradable and extremely economical in terms of water consumption. Compared to the method that has been used until now, we can save up to 90 % on water.

The installation of GT-1 is simple. Connect it to a fresh water supply, drain hose and to a power supply, and the device is ready. The minimum capacity of the device is 10 users per hour taking into consideration that all the clubs in a set are cleaned.

The design is inspired by nature, which gives us the possibility to compose multiple devices into a whole, if necessary.

For all combinations only a water and a power supply is needed.



· Dimensions (W/L/H) 68cm/74 cm/75-82 cm · It cleans the clubs impeccably
· Weight (kg) 55 kg · Up to 90 % less water consumption
· Supply voltage
230 V 50 Hz / 110 V 60 Hz · Environmentally friendly
· Power 250 W · It doesn't damage golf clubs
· Connection socket 230 V 50 Hz, 16 A · The player’s clothes remain dry
· Water pressure
0,8 bar (recommended 1,5 bar) · It saves you time
· Fuse 16 A · It is almost inaudible

If you purchase our devices, your investment will be returned in less than one season. It will prove profitable in the following seasons and bring goodwill to the golf players. Our device works perfectly and is almost inaudible. And for this, we give you a warranty. We wish you much pleasure in the game and use of our device GT-1!


We introduce a fully self-serviced device and a 1-year warranty

We introduce a fully self-serviced device.

As the owner of the device you will get access to online material that accurately describes simple steps how to maintain the unit. The materials used are robust, most of them are indestructible. A vital part is a special heavy duty industrial grade brush with professional bristles which will wear out not earlier than in two years of regular use, but it can withstand the for many more years to come.

Our device has got a 1-year warranty.

Cleaning golf clubs with GT-1 has already become a standard across all Europe

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